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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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f>X4                                                  "33  CEATBXSI PADA.
of affection make sweet song, stealing each otL'-r's heart (Rejoice, Sri Hit Hari
Tan* !) the bard Is fain to praLse5 but the arune of a bee Is as good as Ills in-
effectual rhyme.
Y! " "Wlio so clever, pretty damsel, ^rhom her lover comes to meet,
stealing through the night ? Why shrink so coyly at my words ? Your
eyes are suffused and red with love's excitement, your bosom Is marked with
his naik, jon are dressed in Lis clothes, and your voice is tremulons. (Bejoicej
Sri Hit Hari Vans!} Ralha's amorous lord lias been mad with love.
VII,    tl To-day the lusty swain and blooming dame are sporting In their
pleasant bower.    0 list! great and incomparable is the mutual affection cf
the happy pair, on the heavenly* plain of Brinda-ban. The" ground gleams
bright with coral aad crystal and there is a strong odour of camphor. A
dainty conch of soft leares is spread? on which the dark groom and Ins
fair bride recline, intent upon the joys and delights of dalliance, their lotus
clieeis stained with red streaks of betel juice. There is a charming strag-
gle between dark hands and fair to loose the string that binds her skirt
Beholding herself as in a mirror in the necklace on HarTs breas:3 the silly
girl is troubled by delusion and begins to fret, till her lover wagging his
pretty cMn shows her that she has been looking only at her own shadow.*
Listening to feet honeyed voice, as again and again she cries £Xay, nay/
Laliia «nd the others take a furtive peep (Rejoice, Sri Hit Hari Tans!) till
tossing her hands in affected passion she snaps his jewelled necklet
VIII,     " Ah,  red indeed  are your lotus eyes, lazily languishing  and
inflamed "by night-long "watch,  and their collyrium all faded.    From your
drooping eyelids shoots a glance like a bolt, that strikes your swain as it
were a deer and he cannot stir,    (Rejoice, Sri Hit Hari Vans I) 0 damsel,
voluptuous la motion as the swan, your eyes deceive even the Tvasps and bees.
I3L " Radha and Mohan are such a dainty pair3 he dark and beautiful
as the sapphire, she with body of golden lustre : Hari with a iilak on his
"broad forehead and the Fair with a roll streak amidst the tresses of her
hair : the lord like a stately elephant in gait and the daughter of Vrisha-
"bMnu like an elephant queen : the damsel in a bine vesture and Mohan in
yellow with a red khaur on Ms forehead (Rejoice, Sri Hit Hari Yans !}
B&IM's amorous lord is dyed deep with love's colours.
XL   "To-day the  damsel and her swain take  delight in novel ways.
What on I  say ? they are altogether exquisite in  every limb ; sporting
sot created, self-produced.